The Unconventional Guide to Crafting Irresistible Titles for YouTube Shorts [October 2023]

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Taja Team
Taja Team

The Underrated Role of Video Titles in Shorts

Titles in YouTube Shorts occupy an enigmatic space, lurking at the bottom of the video player. You might think, "Who even looks there?" But the game is changing. YouTube is nudging viewers towards this overlooked area through an ingenious tactic: related links based on video titles.

Two Birds, One Title: Dual Utility of Shorts Titles

Let's talk about a not-so-obvious fact: Shorts are increasingly showing up in conventional YouTube searches. Your Short's title serves a dual purpose. It aids in making related links contextually relevant in the Shorts player, and simultaneously acts as an SEO asset to rank higher in YouTube searches.

Unpacking the Algorithm: It’s Not All About You

Conventional wisdom might suggest cramming your title with trending hashtags and keywords. Resist that urge. YouTube’s algorithm is focused on user engagement and satisfaction.

Four Counterintuitive Strategies for Crafting Exceptional Titles

  1. The Mystery Hook: Clarity is key, but a dash of ambiguity provokes curiosity.
  2. Keyword Context: Layer relevant keywords with synonyms or related terms.
  3. A/B Test Titles: Perform A/B tests with different titles and measure impact.
  4. Subversive Capitalization: Unconventional capitalization can make your title stand out.

Conclusion: Title Crafting: An Art and a Science

Creating exceptional titles for YouTube Shorts is an art form, guided by data and validated by engagement. Learn more about how Taja can transform your YouTube Growth here.