The Unconventional Guide to Titling YouTube Shorts: Breaking the Norms for Maximum Impact

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Taja Team
Taja Team

Embrace the Oddities in Your Titles

Common advice suggests keeping titles straightforward and searchable. While SEO is crucial, we're venturing into uncharted territories here. Consider titles that are quirky, peculiar, or even bewildering. A title like "Why My Cat Pays My Bills" is likely to pique curiosity more than "Cute Cat Playing." These oddities make viewers pause, think, and more importantly, click to satisfy their curiosity.

The Power of Incomplete Narratives

Humans are hardwired to love stories, and more so, to seek closure. By crafting a title that starts a narrative but doesn’t finish it, you're leveraging the 'Zeigarnik effect' - our tendency to remember uncompleted tasks better than completed ones. A title like “The Day I Almost…” invites viewers to find out what happened next, driving them to watch your video.

Controversial and Polarizing Titles

Playing it safe with titles might seem like the way to go, but what about taking a risk with something more controversial or polarizing? Titles that challenge prevailing norms or present a contrarian view can trigger an emotional response, prompting clicks. A word of caution: tread carefully to ensure that the controversy doesn’t harm your brand or offend your audience.

Strategic Keyword Placement for YouTube Shorts

While using keywords at the beginning of your title is standard SEO practice, placing them strategically for impact is often overlooked. Keywords don't always have to lead; sometimes, they can play a supporting role. A title like “Lost in Tokyo: A Travel Vlog Adventure” positions the keyword in a way that's natural and intriguing.

Creating a Personal Connection

Titles that speak directly to the viewer can create an immediate, personal connection. Use 'You' and 'Your' in your titles to engage directly with your audience. Titles like “Your Best Guide to Minimalist Living” or “Improve Your Morning Routine” feel more personal and relevant to the viewer.

The Algorithmic Advantage

In the dynamic landscape of YouTube, understanding the algorithms is akin to possessing a cheat code for visibility. However, you can combine algorithmic strategy with creativity. For instance, consider using emojis strategically in your titles to catch the eye or utilizing brackets to provide additional context. These techniques add flair and make your video more clickable without diluting the essence of the title.

The Art of Using Puns and Wordplay

Wit and humor can go a long way in establishing the tone of your content. A title packed with puns or clever wordplay not only grabs attention but also gives an insight into the video's mood.

Leverage Current Trends and Memes

Is something currently trending on social media that aligns with your content? Utilizing memes or trends in your title can instantly connect you to what the audience is already talking about.

Titles That Create a Series

Creating a series of YouTube Shorts with a similar theme can build viewer anticipation and loyalty. Titling these shorts in a cohesive way can help to package them as a 'must-watch' series.

Localizing Titles

If your audience spans different regions, consider localizing your titles to connect on a cultural level. Phrases or references that resonate in one place might not make sense in another.

Final Thoughts

The universe of YouTube Shorts is expansive, and standing out requires a mix of strategic thinking and creativity. Your title is often the first thing a prospective viewer sees and it should intrigue, inform, and invite.