What Are Tags on YouTube & How Many Should You Really Use?

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Taja Team
Taja Team

Rethinking YouTube Tags: It's Not as Simple as You Think

You’ve probably been told a million times: “Tags are crucial for YouTube SEO!” But what are they really, and is the commonly recommended tag count of 15 really the magic number?

Unpacking the YouTube Tag Conundrum

YouTube tags are descriptors added to your video that serve as clues for YouTube’s algorithm. They help categorize your content, making it more discoverable. But here's something you won't hear often: more tags don't necessarily mean more visibility.

The Quantity Trap: Debunking the "More is Better" Myth

The common advice is to load up on tags, filling out the 500-character limit YouTube offers. While this might seem like a good strategy, it's often counterproductive. Overstuffing can dilute the relevance of each tag, making it harder for the algorithm to determine the focus of your video.

Finding the Sweet Spot: The Rule of 5

Forget the norm. We propose the Rule of 5:

  1. Main Keyword Tag: The primary keyword that your video is focusing on.
  2. Secondary Keyword Tags: Two additional keywords that directly relate to your main keyword.
  3. Synonymous Keyword Tag: A tag that is synonymous with your primary keyword but still often searched for.
  4. Wildcard Tag: A tag that could be an emerging trend or an experimental keyword.

This Rule of 5 approach ensures a focused yet diverse tagging strategy that appeals to both the algorithm and diverse viewer interests.

The Taja Twist: Customized Tag Analysis

While generic advice floats around, Taja dives deeper. Our AI-powered platform offers personalized tag recommendations based on your unique audience and content metrics. No more guesswork; just data-backed suggestions tailored for your channel.

Conclusion: Less is More, But Better is Best

Tags on YouTube are not just a "set it and forget it" aspect of your video uploads. They require thoughtful strategy and periodic tweaking. Dump the dated advice you've heard about YouTube tags and consider the Rule of 5 for a more balanced, effective approach.

Ready to unlock the full potential of YouTube tags? Learn how Taja can assist you in doing just that.